Divorce Direction
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Get your first session free – 3 tips guaranteed!


You need help but are afraid of incurring additional expenses. Working with a divorce coach like Nancy will actually save you thousands of dollars. Friends and family mean well but an unbiased third party can clearly focus on your best interests and remain neutral and non-judgmental. The combination of stress, exhaustion and fear is simply not the best recipe for a healthy divorce.


You need a reliable guide to help you separate facts from emotions and break the process down into manageable pieces.


One Time Offer Only
  • Discovery - 3 Hours *

  • $0/mo
  • This introductory package will allow us to work through some of the initial steps of your divorce. Or, if you’re already in the thick of things, I will help you gain control of the process.

Most Popular
  • Deluxe - 5 Hours

  • $0/mo
  • Regardless of what stage you’re at, this package will allow us to work through many of the issues related to your divorce. During each session, we will focus on specific goals with realistic outcomes, that will move you closer to a successful resolution.

Dedicated Coverage
  • Dig Deep - 10 Hours

  • $0/mo
  • This is the ideal package to look through all the issues, get to the heart of all matters and allow us to work through your present situation. We will review all your documents, assess all your needs and create an action plan. You can finally breathe and feel fully supported as you approach the finish line.


    As a BONUS, you will also be entitled to a complimentary email/text package **.

Each session will be followed up with emailed notes of what we covered, as well as specific direction to help you gather your thoughts and make the right decisions for you and your family.  All sessions are a minimum of 1 hour each.

*The Discovery package is a one time offer only.

** Email/text package limited to 4x week for questions in between sessions that can’t wait.


Having been through my own very messy divorce that included mediators, lawyers and judges, I understand how overwhelming and frightening this process can be. A divorce can quickly escalate into a very tense and difficult situation. Navigating the divorce path on my own left me feeling riddled with fear and doubt, trying to avoid the many pitfalls and obstacles along the way.


As someone who has walked this road and reached the end, I will:

help you save

your hard-earned money, time and sanity by minimizing the need for legal intervention

Be Your Personal Guide

taking you by the hand step by step and keeping you grounded

organize you

to ensure that documents are properly completed and submitted

reduce emotional impact

on you and your family by keeping your stress levels down and your empowerment up

prepare you

to work effectively and efficiently with your team of professionals

be your thinking partner

offering you advice, insight, support, information and resources

As a divorced single mom, I have been there, done that. And I get it! I will help you transition into your new reality with confidence, clarity and strength.


This is where I come in. I have walked in your shoes and I’m here to give you the direction you need, literally becoming your thinking partner throughout the process. Here are just some of the ways I help…


  • explore your issues to resolve problems and identify next steps
  • keep you grounded and calm when making difficult decisions
  • develop a list of questions to address with your lawyer
  • manage and help complete all required paperwork
  • provide a safe outlet for expressing emotions
  • set realistic and achievable expectations
  • help to craft effective communications
  • connect with specialists as needed
  • reduce your stress and legal bills

What I Do

I will act as your guide, sounding board and even your cheerleader. I will provide a safe haven for you to talk, vent, cry and ultimately discover a plan for your future. I will reduce the stress and anxiety that divorce can inflict on you and your children.


Bottom line – I will give you the direction you need to get through your divorce, with your sanity and wallet intact!


And ultimately, we will celebrate together as well, when we reach the end of your journey.  Ready to take the first step?  Take advantage of my complimentary 60 minute consultation and I guarantee you will receive at least 3 tips to get you started.

My Story

Where do I even begin?


Well, I’m a very proud single mom of two wonderful teenaged daughters.

But that picture has changed its frame many times over the years.


After much soul searching, and much counselling, my ex—husband and I decided to call it quits in March of 2009. It was a tough decision and even tougher to tell the girls, who were 8 and 10 years old at the time.


Over the years, so many people have asked me how I knew I was ready to take that step. And to be honest, there’s no easy answer.