Fear Fear Go Away Come Again Another Day | Divorce Direction
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Fear Fear Go Away Come Again Another Day

Fear Fear Go Away Come Again Another Day

Deep sigh.  I can do this.

I will not blow off my eyelashes or eyebrows.  Just hold down that starter button and it will light up.

I will never forget how fearful I was of making a BBQ.  That was his job and after witnessing him nearly explode the entire house one day well this was a big fear.  Capital F kind of fear.  And guess what?  I did it.  Never did I think that lighting up a BBQ would be on my top 5 list of lifetime accomplishments.  I still feel that way!

After pushing through the BBQ fear I decided I had to learn to tackle more fears.  They made me realize that I was stronger than I felt.

There was going to the movies on my own (which actually became a haven for me where I would spend some holidays seeing a double header – I call this a “kill the night” and think it’s perfectly fine to do what ya gotta do to stop thinking sometimes.  Especially on the year of “Firsts”.  I tell ya I tried several meditation apps and they did nothing compared to 4 hours of movie watching in the theater without distraction!  I won’t even go into how much I love popcorn.  The perfect meal.  Make it a Rom Com (aka romantic comedy) and it was the perfect storm.

I hit the bucket list.  Items like taking a dance class.  I may have done that one too early as it was still in the first year and my Tuesday night Salsa class became Salsa and Sob Tuesdays.  I travelled alone!  I can’t believe I did that after some of the previous experiences I had travelling as a female in third world countries.

I can’t begin to tell you how GREAT it feels.  I now look back and wonder had I not gotten divorced would I have done these things….?  Would I have been hoping to do these things and not done them?  What is on your list of FEARS and your bucket list?  Are you ready to say Fear, fear go away?

~by Guest Blogger