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Redefining Yourself

Divorce Direction Nancy Katsof Redefining Yourself

Redefining Yourself

Redefining Yourself

So you finally made the decision that it’s time to end your marriage and move on. But move on to what?

Moving forward with your life post divorce can be overwhelming and even scary at times. But what if you were to see it as an opportunity to redefine yourself? Maybe this is an ideal time to recreate yourself and set new goals with new destinations ahead.


Maybe your current job will no longer meet your needs as a single parent. You may need to earn more income and you may need a more flexible schedule. Maybe you’ve been a stay at home parent, or only working part time. Whatever the reason, now may be an ideal time to think about what might make you happier professionally – something you’ve always wanted to do. And go for it!

While it may seem like a bad time for a career change, it may actually be just the opposite. You will be embarking on a new future and a new career might be just what the doctor ordered.


Now this was a big one for me. Your entire social circle may change, or it may not. I found it awkward at times to get together with what were once our “couple” friends. While it was never spoken out loud, somehow it seemed as though they felt like they had to choose. And the weight of that elephant in the room wasn’t always pleasant.

I also realized that I didn’t have very many single friends, male or female. I had a lot of “mommy” friends, but even these relationships felt different. Once again, this is a great opportunity to recreate yourself. Look for a new hobby, take up a new sport or a class, join a gym or a meetup group. There are an endless number of new things that you can do or try. Just get yourself out there and give it try. You may be pleasantly surprised at the new you that emerges from the cocoon!

It’s never too late—never too late to start over, never too late to be happy. - Jane Fonda